Motivating students and helping them make sound decisions is how Asa connects with his audiences on a sincere, personal level in an engaging way.  He presents fundamental ideas in a new method that makes profound impacts on students.  Contact him to schedule Asa for your next speaking event for your school or organization.


Asa is the perfect speaker for helping your college students prepare for life.  He speaks at orientations geared toward assisting first-year students (and their parents) make an effective transition from the comforts of home to college life.  Additionally, he speaks to leadership groups, fraternities, sororities and sports teams.  Contact him now to book for your next campus event.


Asa is an inspirational speaker who has spoken across the country.  He has spoken at many business symposiums and events for entrepreneurs and executives.  He generally speaks about leadership, team building, business development and social media marketing.  Contact him now and book him for your next corporate event.


Have you ever wondered why top athletes, Silicon Valley Executives and top actors all have coaches?  It is because they understand the value of accelerated growth and compressing time to get to the highest levels of success faster.  Coaching will allow you to go where you can not go by yourself.

It’s All About Engagement and Fun

Over the years I have learned that as a speaker it isn’t about me.  It is about the audience and how I can move them to action and transform them to have lasting change.  Their growth, development, and success is the most important element during my time with them; whether it is a Keynote Address, Workshop or 60-minute presentation.  My focus is to move them to action and growth.  In my opinion, the quickest way to help move them to growth is thru having fun and being involved in the experience.  When I am speaking to your group, it is a 2-way conversation and everyone is engaged the entire time.