What about Asa?

This is My Story

Asa E. Patterson is an engaging communicator and a leading expert in helping students prepare for life after high school and college. Asa is putting the final touches on a book and curriculum, From Barely Surviving High School to Thriving in College “6 Easy Steps to go from High School Loser to College Winner”.  As a popular motivational speaker, he has given hundreds of presentations and has spoken to over 250,000 people in 42 states through leadership conferences, conventions, school assemblies, and other events.

After spending 5 years as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and being a lead mentor, coach, and trainer for leading entrepreneurial and personal development companies in the world, Asa knows what it takes to help others achieve success.  It’s all about connecting and showing others that you truly care about them.

As a, is a retired Captain of Marines, he believes in working smarter and not harder because success leaves clues.  His Marine Corps days highlighted the importance of demanding the best out of those you are working with because expectations that are clearly defined bring massive results.

Asa has worked with Executives, Entrepreneurs, College and High School Students across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Africa.  Working with people from such a vast background has allowed Asa the ability to recognize the one common denominator of success over mediocracy which is mindset and the little voice in your head that dictates action or inaction.  While Asa does love speaking and inspiring students across the country, he loves being at home with his wife and seven children.